Baguette´n Cheese

with Elbänder mini cheese cubes

– A creation by Markus Paschel –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 kg wheat flour T550

This recipe with straight dough was created in cooperation with the Sächsische Bäckerfachschule Dresden-Helmsdorf e.V./Akademie deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Sachsen. A cheese baguette with crisp crust, a light airy open crumb and aromatic cheese nests.




10.000 kg wheat flour T550

0.300 kg rapeseed oil

0.200 kg malt flour

0.220 kg salt

0.300 kg yeast

7.000 l water, approx.

1.200 kg Elbländer mini cheese cubes

19.220 kg dough weight

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Intensively knead dough, slightly over-knead.

Windowpane test provides assurance. At the end, carefully knead the Elblaender mini cheese cubes into dough.

Dough yield: 170, dough temperature: 25 °C, approx., dough resting time: 45 minutes



After dough resting time, weigh dough pieces of approx. 0.450 kg. Process carefully and allow gases to stay in the product.

Proofing at 32 °C and 75% relative humidity for about 20 minutes

After that, freeze breads for 15 minutes, in order for the surface to stabilize and for an optimal baguette cut.

Put in oven at roll baking temperature with sufficient steam.

Bake with decreasing temperature for 28 minutes.


Recipe No.: B0008

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