Bear’s garlic & camembert spiral

with Heinrichsthaler Camembert and Gouda grated

– A creation by Anita Kunath –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 pieces

The bear’s garlic & camembert spiral is a delicious snack pastry with cheese. Very tasty either cold or warm. The aromatic bear’s garlic perfectly matches the cheese. This tasty snack creation is a perfect addition to any bakery counter. Of course, every bakery can decide how big the spirals should be.




1.760 kg wheat flour T 550

1.145 l milk

0.090 kg olive oil / cooking oil

0.085 kg yeast

0.045 kg salt

3.125 kg dough



0.525 kg wheat flour T 550

0.800 kg bear’s garlic ( e. g. bear’s garlic pesto)

1.065 kg low-fat curd

0.310 kg whole egg

0.375 kg Heinrichsthaler Camembert

0.025 kg pepper

0.025 kg salt

3.125 kg filling



0.020 kg egg yolk (for glazing)

0.100 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated




Dough yield: approx. 165

Kneading time: 3 minutes slow, 5 minutes fast

Dough temperature: 24 – 25 °C

Dough resting time: 30 minutes

Proofing time of dough balls: 10 minutes



For the filling, mix all ingredients in a beating machine. Split the dough, form slightly oval pieces. Roll out each dough piece to approx. 40 cm x 100 cm. Spread the filling on top. Roll the dough to form a long dough strand (spiral). Use a knife to cut off 2 cm wide spirals and put them on a baking sheet. Glaze with egg yolk and sprinkle Heinrichsthaler grated cheese on top.

After ¾ of proofing bake with steam.

Baking temperature: approx. 230 °C decreasing

Baking time: approx. 15 – 18 minutes.

Organic bear’s garlic (bear’s garlic pesto) can be purchased frozen e. g. at BÄKO. Either knead into dough at the end or mix with all other ingredients at the beginning. The product contains 65% bear’s garlic, alternatively bear’s garlic pellets contain 40% bear’s garlic. When using pellets, you should increase the dosage by approx. 50%.


Recipe No.: B0020

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