Beer cheese baguette

with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

– A creation by Jörg Liese –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 baguettes

Beer cheese baguette, made with brewer’s grains, beer and Elblaender mini cheese cubes. A bread and bread roll specialty and a unique treat topped with beer cheese slices.





2.500 kg brown flour or wheat flour T1050

1.000 l water (20 °C)

2.000 l beer

0,003 kg yeast

5,503 kg poolish weight



5.503 kg poolish

7.000 kg brown flour

0.550 kg wheat flour T550

4.000 l water

0.200 kg yeast

0.290 kg salt

0.100 kg wheat gluten

0.200 kg baguette / roll baking agent

0.002 kg ground pepper

0.800 kg brewer’s grains*

2.000 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

0.400 kg malt flakes

0.100 kg barley malt powder

21.145 kg total weight


* Brewer’s grains can be obtained at most breweries, mostly for free or at low cost. Individual batches can also be frozen.




Add brewer’s grains, mini cheese cubes, malt flakes and barley malt powder only at the last quarter of the kneading time.

Dough resting time: 45 minutes



Dough ball weight for baguette 380 g / for baguette rolls approx. 120 g

Shape dough balls into baguette loaves or baguette rolls. Put into oven after ¾ of proofing with steam and bake until crispy.

Premium version: Top the baguettes or baguette rolls with Heinrichsthaler beer cheese slices before baking.



The beer cheese baguettes can be sold au naturel or as a snack topped with beer cheese slices and other ingredients.


Recipe No.: B0012

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