Cheese baguette Alsacian style

Alsacian style with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

BASIC RECIPE: for 30 pieces with 500 gr each, 54 pieces 250 gr each / Poolish-style

The cheese baguette with Elblaender cheese is a specialty with mild and nutty mini cheese cubes baked into the dough. When baking, aromatic cheese nests from melted cheese are created in the crumb and small, gratinated cheese cubes can be found in the crust. A longitudinal cut creates an aromatic crust.





3.000 kg wheat flour T550

3.000 l water (TA 200)

0.045 kg yeast

6.045 kg poolish weight



7.000 kg wheat flour T550

6.045 l poolish

0.100 kg yeast

0.200 kg salt *

1.250 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

3.400 l water (approx.)

17.995 kg dough weight




Mix in dough-beating machine until free of lumps.

Dough temperature: 22 – 24 °C

Time to mature: 1 – 2 h at room temperature

Then, store 12 – 16 hours in covered containers in refrigerated environment



Kneading: 8 – 9 minutes slow + 4 minutes fast.

* Only add salt during fast kneading

Dough temperature: 22 – 24 °C

Dough resting time: 90 – 120 minutes, pull once in between

Dough ball weight: 0.3 kg or 0.6 kg

Baking time: 25 or 35 minutes

Baking temperature: roll baking temperature, decreasing

Baking time: approx. 26 – 28 minutes or 30 – 35 minutes or customary


Collect dough and pre-stretch. Quickly shape into long loaf. Put dough pieces into cloths or put on setters or sheets. After ¾ of proofing score lengthwise with sharp knife.


Recipe No.: B0006

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