Cheese baguette

with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

BASIC RECIPE: for 32 pieces with 500 gr each, 58 pieces 250 gr each or 200 pieces 80 gr each

The cheese baguette with Elblaender cheese is a specialty with mild and nutty mini cheese cubes baked into the dough. When baking, aromatic cheese nests from melted cheese are created in the crumb and small, gratinated cheese cubes can be found in the crust. A longitudinal cut creates an aromatic crust.





10.000 kg wheat flour T550

0.300 kg baguette baking agent 3%

0.250 kg yeast

0.220 kg salt

0.300 kg olive oil

1.200 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

7.000 kg water

19.170 kg dough weight




Spiral kneader 8 – 10 minutes on slow + 4 minutes on fast. Add olive oil only one minute before end of kneading time. Gently knead Elblaender mini cheese cubes into dough at the end of kneading. Over-knead dough just a little.

Dough temperature: 23 – 25 °C

Dough resting time: 60 min (in dough-rising bucket coated with oil)

Dough ball weight: 600 g, 300 g or 95 g



Flour a table with wheat flour and turn dough on flour upside down. Keep surface of dough slightly floured. Cut off dough pieces with dough scraper in desired size and shape into long loaves. Put on setters, perforated sheets or baguette sheets.



Bake with little steam; pull the damper during the last 5 minutes of baking time.

Baking temperature: 240 °C (roll baking temperature, decrease to 220 °C after 10 minutes)

Baking time: according to size. 22 – 24 minutes, 26 – 28 minutes, 30 – 35 minutes


Recipe No.: B0005

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