Cheese meatballs

with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

BASIC RECIPE: for 1 kg minced meat

Meatball, rissole or meat patty – there are various names for this country-style classic made out of minced meat. Meatballs are a popular snack, both warm and cold, and can be served as part of numerous dishes. The combination with Elblaender mini cheese cubes makes for a special delight. By choosing different herbs or spices, the meatball can be individually tailored to any taste.





1.000 kg minced meat, mixed

0.100 kg onions, chopped (2 pcs)

0.100 kg whole egg (2 pcs)

0.100 kg stale roll (2 pcs)

0.006 kg salt, approx. (4 tsp)

0.002 kg ground pepper, approx. (2 tsp)

0.001 kg ground nutmeg, approx. (1 tsp)

0.003 kg paprika powder, sweet, approx. (2 tsp)

0.060 kg mustard (2 tbsp)

0.200 kg Elbländer mini cheese cubes

1.572 kg total weight




Soak the roll in water. Sautee onions in a pan with some oil until clear. Once they are soft, they can easily be kneaded into the minced meat and do not stick out at the edges. Squeeze excess water out of rolls, mix with minced meat, cooled onion cubes, egg, mustard, salt and spices and knead thoroughly. At the end, add the Elblaender mini cheese cubes and knead into the mixture, until evenly spread. Shape into small or large meatballs and roll in breadcrumbs. Flatten them slightly and fry in hot oil from both sides.



You can add different herbs and spices to create variety. Chilli makes for spicy meatballs. For variety, use chopped culinary herbs such as chopped parsley, chives and/or lovage. A Mediterranean aroma can be achieved with herbes de Provence. Or add some grated or small minced garlic for a very special aroma.


Recipe No.: K0001

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