Cheese pretzel “Sepp”

with Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

BASIC RECIPE: 10 pretzels

This pretzel, gratinated with a 70:30 mix of Heinrichsthaler grated gouda and salami or ham cubes, can be prepared quickly and easily. A delight for eyes and taste buds. For an exact calculation, the grated cheese and the ham or salami cubes should be well mixed together in advance. Topping each pretzel with roughly the same amount of the mixture, guarantees a steady use of raw materials, consistent visual appearance and a reliable calculation. Using tablespoons or cups can facilitate an accurate weighing of the topping which might otherwise be quite time-consuming.




10 pretzels, dough pieces

0.070 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

0.030 kg salami or ham cubes




You can choose between small salami cubes or small ham cubes for your snack. The decision is up to you! Both are available in bulk packages. Mix the Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated with the salami or ham cubes in a bowl. In case you want to use 15 g of the cheese ham mixture instead of 10 g per pretzel, the ingredients need to be increased to 105 g of grated cheese and 45 g of ham for 10 pretzels. Cut the pretzel dough piece from your own production (or frozen product) Swabian style.

Standard version:
Only cover the dough piece with 10-15 g of the mixture or push it into the mixture.

Premium version:
Sprinkle 30-40 g of the cheese ham mixture or cheese salami mixture over the whole pretzel, meaning also into the holes of the pretzel.

Baking temperature: multi-deck oven 190 – 210 °C, convection oven 175 – 190 °C

Baking time: according to oven and pretzel size approx. 16 minutes


Recipe No.: B0015

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