Cheese pretzel

with Elbänder cheese

BASIC RECIPE: 1 pretzel

Pretzels belong to the most popular snack pastries. Topped with mild and nutty Elblaender cheese they become a special delight. Aromatic variety is guaranteed because Elblaender cheese is available in seven tasty variations. These include the Elblaender cheese original as well as varieties with chilli, wild garlic, fenugreek seeds and pepper as well as the reduced-fat version. By the way, working with Elblaender cheese slices is efficient, hygienic, consistent and thus calculable. Each pretzel is topped with one slice of Elblaender cheese with 20 g each before baking. When using grated cheese the accurate dosing is definitely more difficult.




1 pretzel, piece of dough
20 g Elblaender cheese
in the varieties: au naturel, chilli, wild garlic, fenugreek seeds, tomato basil, pepper or light




Top the pretzel dough pieces from your own production or frozen with one slice of Elblaender cheese each.

If desired, the pretzel can be cut Swabian style before topping.

Baking temperature: multi-deck oven 190 – 210 °C, convection oven 175 – 190 °C

Baking time: according to oven and pretzel size approx. 17 minutes.

XL pretzel: top large pretzel XL or XXL with two slices of Elblaender.

Refining: Put two mini meatballs with 25 g each or two cocktail tomatoes on top of the cheese before baking.


Recipe No.: B0014

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