Cheese salad

with Elbländer cheese

BASIC RECIPE: 10 portions

There are 7 different types of Elblaender cheese. This makes for a great variety. Besides the original Elblaender “Natur”, there are varieties with chilli, tomato basil, pepper, wild garlic, fenugreek seeds and a light version. The salad can also be prepared with Elblaender mini cheese cubes or a mix of various Elblaender types.





10.250 kg brown bread, diced

0.125 kg butter

1.000 kg Elblaender chilli cheese

0.875 kg cucumber (2.5 pcs)

0.350 kg red onions, in stripes (2.5 pcs)

0.400 kg pears, diced (2.5 pcs)

0.200 kg cherry tomatoes, quartered (20 pcs)

0.030 kg chives, in small rings (2.5 bunches)



0.500 kg lettuce (approx. 30 leaves)



0.270 kg rolled fillet of ham



0.225 kg white wine vinegar

0.225 kg rapeseed oil

0.100 kg sour cream

0.035 kg mustard, coarse

0.030 kg sugar

0.015 kg salt (according to taste)

0.020 kg pepper




Cut the bread into small cubes and roast them in butter until golden brown. Cut Elblaender cheese slices into rectangles/stripes. Wash cucumbers, quarter them lengthwise (if desired remove seeds) and cut into 2 mm thin slices. Cut onions in stripes. Peel, core and cut pear into small cubes.

Whisk ingredients for the dressing with an eggbeater. Add dressing to the salad and mix well. Wash and dry lettuce and put on plates.

Season Elblaender cheese salad with herb sea salt and pepper and serve on plates or lettuce.



Roll air-cured pork loin, ham or smoked turkey and use to decorate the salad.


Recipe No.: K0002

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