Elbländer cheese soup “Fondue”

with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

BASIC RECIPE: 10 portions 375 g each

The Elblaender cheese soup is a traditional recipe of our master cheese makers. Inspired by the cheese fondue, where bread cubes are pulled through melted cheese, this savoury and rich soup was created. It will remind you of cheese fondue and has a compact consistency thanks to the white bread.





0.625 kg white bread, stale

0.750 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

1.875 l broth (vegetable, beef or chicken)

0.500 l white wine, dry

0.008 kg herbs (4 tbsp parsley, chives, chervil)

Salt, pepper, nutmeg, sweet paprika powder

3.758 kg cheese soup “Fondue”




Dice the stale white bread. A lot of flavouring can be found in the bread crust. Mix Elblaender mini cheese cubes with white bread cubes in a bowl. Pour boiling beef, chicken or vegetable broth over the mix. Let stand for a few minutes.

The bread cubes start to swell and the cheese melts. Now, use a fork to mash bread and cheese into a puree and keep stirring to make a thick soup. You can also use a whisk to stir the mixture. The melted cheese creates the traditional cheese strings.

Add white wine to the cheese soup and mix well. You can also heat the white wine with the broth.

Cut chives into small rings, chop parsley and chervil (or use frozen herbs). Put some of the herbs aside for decoration. Add the herbs to the cheese soup. Broth, bread and cheese already contain salt, thus only use little salt and season with pepper (white), nutmeg and paprika powder.

Fill soup into soup bowl or plates. Approx. 375 g per portion. Decorate the cheese soup with herbs and put a slice of baguette next to it. Serve hot to make sure the cheese stays soft.

Decoration variation: Top the soup with some croutons (small roasted white bread cubes) or put them on a skewer on top of the soup bowl.

Consistency variation: For a creamy soup, puree with a hand-held blender.


Recipe No.: K0005

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