Chestnut roll

with Elbänder pepper cheese

– A creation by bakery Ways –

BASIC RECIPE: 20 rolls

Chestnut rolls are not something you see every day, this is not only true for their appearance but also for their taste. The poolish is responsible for their moist crumb and full flavour. Special ingredients are chestnut flour, chestnuts and Heinrichsthaler Elblaender pepper cheese which give this roll its special taste. Another highlight is the unique chestnut crust which is a true eye-catcher.




0.200 kg wheat flour T550

0.200 l water (20° C)

0.001 kg yeast

0.401 kg poolish

Resting time over night at room temperature



0.400 kg poolish

0.600 kg wheat flour T550

0.200 kg chestnut flour

0.015 kg yeast

0.020 kg salt

0.450 l water

1.685 kg base dough



0.080 kg raisins

0.080 kg chestnuts, roasted

0.100 kg Heinrichsthaler Elblaender pepper cheese

1.945 kg total dough weight




Knead dough as customary for bread rolls. Cut cheese slices into small pieces. Carefully add cooled roasted chestnuts and raisins to the dough at the end of the kneading time.



Dough resting time: 2 hours, at room temperature. Fold dough every hour. Dough deposit per roll: approx. 97 g. Form round dough pieces. Proof for approx. 60 minutes. Sprinkle with chestnut flour and cut spikes with scissors to make rolls look like chestnuts.

At ¾ of proofing bake with steam

Baking temperature: 240° C, decreasing to 220° C

Baking time: approx. 20 minutes


Recipe No.: B0018

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