Crispy cheese sticks

with savoury cheese mustard filling

– A creation by Ludwig Richter –

BASIC RECIPE: for 60 large cheese sticks

The gouda cheese sticks are a savoury snack with a long shelf-life. Ideal for a TV or game night, a party, picnic or as a side dish to go with soup. They are made out of puff pastry and a particularly savoury cheese mustard filling. A new spicy snack idea. A special delight when slightly heated.





1.000 kg wheat flour

0.250 kg water

0.250 kg skimmed milk

0.010 kg salt

0.030 kg sugar

0.005 kg vinegar

1.000 kg puff pastry margarine

2.545 kg total weight



0.750 kg Bautz’ner mustard, medium hot

0.750 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

0,010 kg carawawy seeds

1.510 kg total weight




Fold margarine into dough in 2 x 3 and 2 x 4 layers. Finish with two layers. Roll the dough 80 x 120 cm and cut into 2 equal pieces of 40 x 120 cm. Mix all ingredients of the filling and spread on one dough sheet.

Cover up with second dough sheet and cut into 2 cm wide strips. Twist the strips.



Baking time: 15 – 20 minutes.

Baking temperature: top heat 230 °C, bottom heat 210 °C.

Steam: approx. 5 seconds

Damper: open for the last 2 minutes



Cut layers of dough to 20 x 120 cm and you will get 120 mini cheese sticks


Recipe No.: B0002

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