Crispy Hans

with Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

– A creation by Marcus Ostendorf –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 kg flour, 300 pieces

This cheese cone, made from a non-laminated dough, is a delicious alternative to cheese croissants. The gratinated cheese gives this cone its two-coloured crust. Melted cheese can be found in the airy crumb with its numerous holes. The cheese cones are easy to make, either as a tasty warm snack for breakfast or as a cold in-between meal on the go. Of course it can also be sliced and dressed.



1.500 kg wheat flour T 550

0.900 l water (20° C)

0.001 kg yeast

2.400 kg poolish

Knead until you have a smooth dough. Let the dough rest overnight.



2.400 kg poolish

8.500 kg wheat flour T 550

0.200 kg butter or baking margarine

0.200 kg barley malt / baking agent

0.220 kg salt

0.200 kg yeast

5.300 l water

17.020 kg total dough



6.000 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated



3.000 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated



Kneading time: 4 minutes slow, 6 minutes fast

Dough temperature: 27° C

Dough resting time: 45-60 minutes

Ball weight: 1.700 kg

Ball proofing: 10 minutes

Proofing time per piece: 20-30 minutes at 75-85% humidity

Baking temperature: top heat 260° C, after 6 minutes to 230° C, bottom heat 230° C, after 6 minutes to 210° C.

Bake with steam. Open damper after one minute and close for the last 15 minutes of the baking time.

Baking time: 18-20 minutes

Press out dough balls and form round dough pieces. Put dough pieces on grate and proof until the volume has doubled.

Roll out the proofed dough pieces until 1.5 mm thin. Put dough on the table and moisten with water (brush or spray). Spread the grated cheese on top. Roll up dough to form cones. Sprinkle with some water on top and decorate with some grated cheese. Put cones on perforated sheets covered with baking paper and proof.

After ¾ of proofing bake with steam


Recipe No.: B0021

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