Elbländer cheese wave

with Elbänder cheese


We all know the classic cheese skewer with large cheese cubes and grapes. But tasty cheese skewers are also a success with mild and nutty Elblaender cheese slices. Elblaender cheese waves are a great finger food appetizer and a true eye-catcher on salads, soups, snack trays or other dishes. A true delight not only for the eyes but also for the taste buds.





Heinrichsthaler Elblaender cheese slices

Strips of vegetables, cut into thin slices

Mini grissini, pretzel stick or wood skewer




Elblaender cheese slices measure about 10 x 10 cm and weigh approx. 20 g. At room temperature, cut each slice into three or four strips. The strips for the waves are then 3.3 cm x 10 cm or 2.5 x 10 cm.

Put thin cut strips of carrot, zucchini, red bell pepper or ham on the cheese strips. Put on a skewer and shape into a wave. Voilà.
If desired, you can also put a grape, olive or cocktail tomato on the skewer. With or without, the Elblaender cheese waves are a true eye-catcher that make your mouth water. Enjoy!

As an alternative to wood skewers, you can put the ingredients on thin pretzel sticks or mini grissini. Then the skewers can be eaten as well. In this case, immediate consumption is recommended since the edible skewers can start to soften.

It is important that the strips of vegetables are cut into very thin slices so they can easily be shaped into a wave. With some vegetables it might by advisable to first blanch or grill them in order for them to bend more easily.


Recipe No.: K0003

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