Harlinger cheese rolls snack

with  Elbländer

– A creation by Backstudio 3000 –


Harlinger cheese roll “snack”, a premium snack topped with Elblaender cheese and marinated rocket salad with tomato and feta cheese cubes.





1 Harlinger cheese roll

30 g (1 slice) Elblaender cheese

10 g rocket salad

30 g feta cheese

1 cocktail tomato

20 g butter



25 ml balsamic vinegar (dark)

15 ml oil (olive oil)

2 splashes of lemon juice

Salt, pepper, pinch of sugar




Cut rocket salad into large pieces, dice feta cheese and cocktail tomato.
Stir up balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, sugar and oil into a marinade. Marinate the rocket salad with a part of the marinade. Marinate cheese and tomato cubes in remaining marinade.

Cut bread roll, spread butter on both halves and sprinkle with some marinade. Cover bottom half with marinated rocket salad. Top rocket salad with slice of Elblaender cheese cut in triangles (or cut out as flowers) and decorate with marinated cheese and tomato cubes. Then, cover with top half of the roll and serve.


Recipe No.: B0010

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