Harlinger cheese rolls

with Elbänder mini cheese cubes

– A creation by Backstudio 3000 –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 kg wheat flour T550

The Harlinger cheese roll is a special roll with Elblaender mini cheese cubes inside. When baking, aromatic cheese nests from melted cheese are created in the crumb and small, gratinated cheese cubes can be found in the crust. A real treat, au naturel or as a snack.



Bread roll dough:

10.000 kg wheat flour T550

0.200 kg salt

0.300 kg bread roll baking agent

1.000 kg sunflower seeds

1.000 kg sesame seeds

0.300 kg rapeseed oil

0.400 kg yeast

1.000 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

6.000 l kg water

20.200 kg total weight




Slightly roast sesame and sunflower seeds in advance on a baking sheet and use as ingredient for the dough after cooling.
Gently knead Elblaender mini cheese cubes into the dough only at the end of the kneading time, in order for them to stay in one piece and evenly spread throughout the dough.



Variation 1 “Premium”:
Push the bottom side of the dough pieces into a mixture (1:1) of sesame and sunflower seeds. Then, push the top side in a mixture of polenta and mini cheese cubes.

Variation 2 “Crispy”:
Push only the top side in polenta or wheat semolina.

Variation 3 “Standard”:
Proof the dough pieces without any decoration.



Kneading: 6 minutes slow + 5 minutes fast

Dough temperature: 24 – 25 °C

Dough resting time: 10 + 10 minutes

Dough ball weight: 2.400 kg or customary

Baking time: 19 minutes

Baking temperature: 235 °C, decreasing to 225 °C

After ¾ of proofing bake with steam.


Recipe No.: B0009

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