Hot chestnut roll

with Elbländer pepper cheese

– A creation by master of bakery Bäckermeister Ludovic Gerboin –

BASIC RECIPE: 20 pieces

These cheese and ham rolls are a true premium snack. The hot chestnut roll (recipe B0018) is topped with fine ingredients in order to create a true delicacy. Chestnut roll, cassis mustard sauce, caramelized melons, Parma ham rolled in Heinrichsthaler Elblaender pepper cheese and crispy lettuce appeal to all senses.




20 chestnut rolls

Mild cassis mustard sauce

Caramelized Melon

Rolled cheese and ham



0.300 kg cassis puree (Cassis Boiron)

0.200 kg sweet Bavarian mustard

0.300 kg quark (curd cheese)

allspice, vinegar, basil



0.120 kg sugar, brown

1.000 kg melon (approx.)

0.050 kg butter

0.007 kg nutmeg



0.800 kg Elblaender pepper cheese

0.900 kg ham, e. g. from Parma




Mix all ingredients for the cassis mustard sauce.

Half the melon lengthwise. Cut into slices. Caramelize the sugar in a pan. Deglaze with melon slices, nutmeg and butter. As soon as the melon slices have a nice colour put aside to let cool down.

Slice the chestnut roll. Spread a thin layer of the cassis mustard sauce on the top and the bottom half. Top with lettuce. Put 40 slices of ham on 40 slices of Heinrichsthaler Elblaender cheese with pepper and roll together. Put two cheese and ham rolls between three pieces of melon. Cover with top part of the chestnut roll so that the topping is visible.



It depends on the type and size of the melon, if you cut it in half or use the whole piece. The same applies to the ham.


Recipe No.: B0019

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