Mustard cheese spirals

with Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

– A creation by Lars Lohbeck –

BASIC RECIPE: 1 kg wheat flour T550

These savoury mustard cheese spirals boost any snack offer. The savoury filling of mustard, cheese, potato flakes and spicy harissa give the pastry its very special taste. If desired the mustard cheese spirals can be slightly warmed before consumption.





1.000 kg wheat flour T550

0.070 kg baking margarine

0.320 kg honey

0.200 kg whole egg

0.100 kg yeast

0.010 kg salt

0.350 l milk

2.050 kg basic dough

0.500 kg puff pastry margarine

2.550 kg total dough



0.600 kg Bautz’ner mustard

0.100 kg whole egg

0.080 kg potato flakes

0.030 kg harissa

salt, pepper

0.810 kg total weight



0.150 kg Bautz’ner mustard

0.210 kg Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated

0.090 kg ham or salami cubes

0.450 kg total weight




Allow puff pastry dough to rest in a cool environment for about 15 minutes. Fold puff pastry margarine into dough with 3 layers and 4 layers, respectively. Roll out the laminated dough approx. 4 mm thick.

Spread approx. 150 g of mustard on the rolled out dough sheet, add a layer of mustard filling on top. Then sprinkle 210 g of Heinrichsthaler Gouda grated and 90 g of ham or salami cubes.

Roll dough to a long spiral strand and cut into slices. Proof the dough spirals. Bake with steam after approx. ¾ of proofing.

Proofing unit: 80% humidity, 35 °C, approx. 45 minutes

Baking: top heat 230 °C, bottom heat 210 °C

Baking time: 12 – 15 minutes


Recipe No.: B0004

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