Onion cheese bread

with Elbländer mini cheese cubes

– A creation by Andreas Weiß –

BASIC RECIPE: Mixed wheat bread (60:40) | for 25 breads 750 gr each

The “Original Heinrichsthaler onion cheese bread” is a mixed wheat bread (60:40) with Heinrichsthaler cheese and sautéed onions which suits any taste with its delicious aroma. Besides their hearty taste, the onions allow for an excellent preservation and the sesame seeds add an irresistibly appetizing look to the whole creation.



3.000 kg rye flour type 1150

0.300 kg sourdough starter

3.000 kg water

6.000 kg sourdough (without sourdough starter)



6.000 kg sourdough

1.000 kg rye flour type 1150

6.000 kg wheat flour type 550

1.630 kg onions (sautéed until clear)

3.000 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

0.240 kg salt

0.200 kg yeast

4.300 kg water

22.370 kg total weight

0.500 kg sesame seeds (decoration)


When preparing the dough, add half of the Elblaender mini cheese cubes. Knead the rest of the cheese cubes and the sautéed onions into the finished dough.

Weigh dough pieces of 850 gram, round them, make them slightly oval, moisten and sprinkle them with sesame seeds.

Proof in baskets or setters.



After proofing put into oven with plenty of steam.

Baking temperature: Top heat 260 °C, bottom heat 240 °C.

After 1.5 minutes open damper

After 20 minutes lower heat to 220 °C top heat and 220° C bottom heat

Baking time: approx. 55 minutes


Recipe No. B0001

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