Pretzel snack

with cheese potpourri and pears with herbs

– A creation by Steffen Stadler –

BASIC RECIPE: 10 snacks

This snack is not only visually appealing, it is also artfully wrapped. Pretzel breadstick meets pear and three cheeses. This is creative, innovative and tasty. And a delight for eyes and taste buds. Three cheeses (Elblaender, brie and cottage cheese), pears, herbs and radishes are combined to a very special treat.




10 pretzel breadsticks

0.400 kg Elblaender mini cheese cubes

0.400 kg brie cheese

0.400 kg cottage cheese

0.200 kg radishes, julienne

0.150 kg red onion

0.100 kg green onion

0.050 kg chives

0.300 kg fresh pears

Salt, pepper, paprika powder



Lollo rosso salad and leaf parsley




Cut the brie cheese into cubes and mix with Elblaender mini cheese cubes, cottage cheese and diced onions (1 cm), sliced chives and green onions. Cut fresh pears in 0.5 cm large cubes and add to the mixture, season with herbs.

Cut into the pretzel breadstick lengthwise but do not cut through, so that bottom and top part are still attached. Cover the pretzel breadsticks with lollo rosso salad leaves. Spread the cheese mixture and top with radishes and leaf parsley.

Now artfully wrap each pretzel snack. Wrap a broad strip of parchment paper around each filled snack and tie with kitchen string. This emphasizes the rustic character and provides additional stability.

At the same time, the pretzel snack can now be enjoyed with clean hands without it falling apart.


Recipe No.: B0011

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