with Heinrichsthaler camembert

– A creation by Christina Pabsch –

BASIC RECIPE: 2 sandwiches






2 rolls

0.250 kg Heinrichsthaler Camembert

0.020 kg wheat flour T 550

0.050 kg whole egg

0.030 kg breadcrumbs

0.030 kg clarified butter

4 leaves of lettuce

0.100 kg yoghurt

0.100 kg sour cream

0.050 kg cranberries (glass), 2-3 tablespoons

2-3 drops of lemon juice

Sugar and coarse pepper to taste



Fruit such as apricots, nectarines, blackberries, apples as well as parsley




Quarter a round Heinrichsthaler Camembert. Roll the cheese pieces in flour, dredge through egg and breadcrumbs. Then fry in clarified butter in a pan or deep fryer until golden brown all over.

Mix yoghurt and sour cream, stir in cranberries. Season with some drops of lemon juice, some sugar and pepper.

Wash fruit and cut into small pieces.

Half rolls. Spread thin layer of cream cheese. Dress with lettuce. Put two pieces of fried camembert on top and add cranberry dip. Put fruit pieces and lettuce on top. Cover snack with top part of the roll. If snack is served on a plate, decorate with fruit and berries.

P.S.: Already back in 1884, Agathe Zeis brought home the patent for Camembert from France, making the Heinrichstal dairy, founded in 1880, the first company in Germany to produce this type of cheese. Still today, the camembert is a handcrafted, naturally matured soft cheese with a mild taste and creamy texture with 55% fat in dry matter.


Recipe No.: B0022

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