Cheese relish from Radeberg

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What are the French known for?  For their art of indulgence. Heinrichsthaler brought one of their most beautiful moments of pleasure to Saxony – with the patent for Camembert.
This was the beginning of the history of enjoyment in Radeberg!

Enjoy life in all its
cheese diversity.

Where it always tastes good - from mild to savoury

From Camembert to Tilsit, from Elbländer Chili to Barbecue cheese – the assortment is so diverse that everyone will find something to their taste. Also included: lots of herbs and spices – and of course the very best milk from regional farmers as well as the best craftsmanship in cheese production.

Support for more cheese enjoyment

You would like to offer your customers Heinrichsthaler as a pure cheese delight. We support you in this, no matter in which country you want to win further cheese fans of Heinrichsthaler

A better future with cheese

Environmental awareness at Heinrichsthaler

Even though Heinrichsthal cheeses are almost always found in blue packaging, we also think and act green. Regional partnerships are just as important to us as promoting environmental awareness. We are already flying the green flag in many areas and look forward to further actions that prove our mission.

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