Cheese with tradition

from Radeberg/Saxonia

Heinrichsthaler Milchwerke GmbH in Radeberg near Dresden is one of the leading German cheese manufacturers with a long tradition. Founded in 1880 as a dairy in idyllic Heinrichsthal, the company produced the first German Camembert in 1884. As the Radeberg dairy cooperative, the company was the largest producer of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese in the GDR.

At Heinrichsthaler, we bear responsibility – and we do so consciously and gladly. It starts with our milk, which we source from farmers in the region, and ends with the packaging in the shop. In addition, we maintain our own beehives on the Heinrichsthaler dairy site and have planted numerous trees. Sustainable management is important to us – as is animal welfare.

Responsibility for the environment

Heinrichsthaler shows green flag

We bear responsibility – and we do so consciously. It starts with our milk, which we buy from farmers in the region, and ends with the packaging in the shop. For example, we have our own beehives on the Heinrichsthal dairy property. In addition, 250 trees of various kinds have been planted, which have a special significance for insects. Sustainable management is important to us – as is a focus on animal welfare.

News from Heinrichsthal

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A cheese dairy, a diverse product range, international demand and a constant demand for innovation offer an incredible amount of material for regular news. Find out everything about new products, new recipes, packaging optimisation or our commitment to the region: stay cheese up-to-date!

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Agathe Zeis & the Camembert

How it all began!

In 1880, Agathe Zeis founded the Heinrichsthal dairy as a model and training dairy for agricultural daughters. Her husband managed the dairy farms in Bautzen and Löbau, which she had also founded. In the following seven years, young girls from the surrounding area and further afield were educated in the training dairy. The school gradually developed from an educational institution into a prosperous production business from 1886 onwards.

Career with Heinrichsthaler

Fancy a personal maturation under the sign of milk?

Looking for a new challenge or just a real cheese lover?

Whether you are an apprentice or a skilled worker: our high-quality cheese products can only be created every day in cooperation with committed employees and well-trained skilled personnel. Our traditional company in Radeberg currently has more than 350 employees, including 15 apprentices and one dual student. We attach great importance to long-term cooperation and reliability.

In our career portal you will find information about “Heinrichsthaler as an employer” and our current vacancies for skilled workers and trainees.